Dylan doing the pouty thing

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this tank top makes my boobs look so amazing I just walked into a door because I was distracted by my own cleavage good morning everyone

its 8:30 at night

This post is 2 months old but it’s nice to see you can tell the time that’s a very good skill to have mate

Dylan O’Brien + NYCC ‘13

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get rich or die trying to graduate from college

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dylan o’brien talking about stiles at nycc [x]

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gale hawthorne. 18. representing the one two, str8 edge for LIFE. fuck the system, fuck the capitol, fuck tesserae, fuck you if you believe their lies. fuck snow he is a joke. shoutout to my best girl katniss<333 will meet u in the woods whenever. i HUNT because i’m real, baking is for losers. xxxcore life this isnt district 2


Dylan O’Brien Discusses Video Gaming On Set (x)

"I remember season one was like the only time. The last month of shooting Tyler (Posey) decided to bring his Xbox in ‘cause we all liked to play Halo at home, at the apartment. It was really funny. I even had a video still on my old phone." 

  • step 1: you don't.